These are basically in chronological order, except that the cover should technically be later. I can’t wait until Renton graces the Newtype illustrations! I’m really hoping they’ll put Eureka and Renton on the cover when they appear….I actually collect all Newtype covers with my favorite characters on them (I have Asuka from 2.0 Evangelion and Asuka with an Eyepatch for 3.0, along with Ao and Naru, and a few others). I want to frame them someday in my room…when I have the heart to tear them apart! I’m missing a scan from the Cover Issue of Newtype’s first illustration from the article, along with a page of Nirvash…does anyone know if that’s online? 

EDIT: Yes!! Eka ( ) helped me with my obsession. There are more scans here: ( ).

Double EDIT: I just got my Newtype with the “Formidable” illustration of Truth, Ao, and Fleur…it has an article with the composer after the illustration! 

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